I believe that the key to publication is perseverance. You have to keep submitting no matter how many companies, journals, and agents turn you down. I had to send out over fifty submissions a few years ago before I finally got a poem published. That means over fifty people wrote me back to say that my work was not sufficient enough for their magazine or their journal. One out of fifty submissions was accepted. You have to have the passion and stomach for it so that you don’t give up.

The other piece to publication is planning—not just your novel—but your publication process. I plan on searching for a literary agent after I graduate—pay them with what I can earn in a minimum wage job. I don’t live anywhere near a work force where my degree would be applicable, so until I can get my poetry and novels out there, retail work will be how I pay for a literary agent and repay the college loans. Once I get hold of a literary agent, the struggle won’t diminish, but I’ll be half way to where I want to be in my publication plan.

Until graduation and the obtaining of a literary agent, I will stick to my school work and take advantage of the Writing Center and the Career Center as best as I can. I will do the necessary research on publishing companies and the publication process that will help me become more familiar with this particular world. Once I understand the system, perhaps it’ll be easier to make my dreams come true.

Two years ago Burning Word Literary Magazine honored me in publishing my poem “Clockwork Dolls.” I’m working to get my bachelor’s degree in creative writing through Southern New Hampshire’s online program. Through their program I have been able to better my craft and bring more skill to my work. This particular genre has been a passion of mine since childhood, so I hope to bring a new and fresh adventure to it through my steampunk pirates.

The function of this website is to present my work to the world a few years before I finish and publish my Steampunk novel. It is a place for Literary Agents to view what I have been working on in my spare time and my followers to enjoy themselves while they wait for my book to be released.

Thank you,

Stormy Headley